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Simply Business - Cleaners Public Liability Insurance

Simply Business - Cleaners Public Liability Insurance

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Peterborough

If you are a student or live in rented accommodation with your friends you will do your fair amount of cleaning, scrubbing and tidying throughout the year. Sure, there will be one friend that doesn’t do enough and one that goes the extra mile, but you will have a presentable home for the most part. However, this is not enough when it comes to the end of your tenancy in a property because landlords will bring in external cleaners and charge you for their time. That means a large subtraction from your deposits.

At Excellent House Cleaning we have become a leading provider of end of tenancy cleaning in Peterborough that will provide you with the assurances you need that you will get as much of your deposit back as possible. While we can’t fix the hole in the door or make your kettle work again, but we can offer outstanding cleaning services.

How do we ensure you get as much money back from your landlord?

When you call upon our end of tenancy cleaning in Peterborough, we will work through a definitive checklist of cleaning items from the inside of your ovens and the skirting boards in your property through to the stains on the carpets and the furniture.

To book our professional team at Excellent House Cleaning, speak with us today.

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